Monday, September 11, 2017

The Dwayne Johnson Vrat = The Pebble Diet: Day 5

I think I've really taken to this eggy diet.
Today again I had fried eggs.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Dwayne Johnson Vrat = The Pebble Diet: Days 2,3,4

The diet is going on strong. The first day I didn't get hungry till dinner! But I think after that things are fine.

Day 2: I decided not to eat bread with the eggs.

Day3: Savoury scrambled eggs with green chillies, coriander and ginger.

Day 4: Savoury scrambled eggs again, with some appe. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Dwayne Johnson vrat = The pebble diet

I’ve been recovering from aches after dengue and it’s not pleasant. It’s as if every day a part of me reminds me of its presence, “Hi! Just want you to know I am there. Think of me today!”
During the time I was sick, I saw movies starring Dwayne Johnson = The Rock. Ok, many of them. Good to see that perfectly fit man save so many people.
Since I had a lot of time to think, I decided I want to be as fit as him…

Now that the laughter from those who know me has stopped, read further. At the outset, by fit like him, I don’t mean I’ll work out like him. A recent back problem has ensured that I don’t exercise too hard. After dengue, I am not exercising at all, I won’t even copy the regimen of my fitness-crazed next door neighbour. Besides, someone has already tried living like The Rock for a week, and it nearly killed her! She’s Madeleine Chapman, a journalist from New Zealand.

For someone who weighed 58 kgs at her ‘fattest,’ (10 years ago) it’s going to be very difficult. But taking everything into account, by ‘fit like him,’ I mean, a very teeny tiny bit. I thought even if I copy his breakfast for some time, I’ll be a little – teeny tiny bit fit. But after reading about The Rock’s preparation for the movie Hercules, I realised what he ate for breakfast is what I would eat for a week! His regular breakfast too, is a lot.

Also, I don’t want to be a body builder. So I’ve decided copying an extremely small bit of his diet will be enough. A nano bit. So this is what I’ve termed the the Dwayne Johnson ‘vrat’ or the 'pebble' diet. It means, like him, I’ll eat two eggs a day for breakfast… That’s it. If I get through a week and manage to increase my weight even by 10 gms, it'll be great! Who knows? I may even continue with the vrat! After all, then I’ll be fit like The Rock! Well, a teeny tiny, nano bit anyway…

My current weight is 52.5 kg.
Here’s today’s (day 1’s) breakfast:

An omeletty start